Music & Quiz Nights 2011

Quiz Night – 20th November 2011

A scene from the intimate, yet challanging quiz night at the Alt Bar,

Good spirits were enjoyed by all!

The Winners (aka The Irish Bankers) heading home.

Team placings were..’The Irish Bankers’ followed by ‘The Losers’ then ‘Dung like a Honky’ with ‘Badger’s Drift’ in 4th. All proceeds were kindly donated to Elkcal – Thank you Mike & Kate!

Charity Fun Quiz at the Altnacealgach Inn
** Quiz Night starts at 8.00pm Saturday 8th November! All welcome – proceeds go to ELKCAL! **
£10.00 entry per team – free half-time Holland’s Pies for all teams!

Quiz Night at Altnacealgach
** Quiz Night starts at 7.30pm Saturday 23rd November! Fantastic Prizes – all proceeds go to ELKCAL! **