1.  Lets will be authorised by the Elphin, Ledmore & Knockan Community Association Ltd (ELKCAL) Board of Directors and will be subject to charges approved by the Board.  These charges will be subject to revision as appropriate.
  2. In cases that the Board of Directors deem appropriate full payment will be requested prior to the let. Otherwise payment should be made within fifteen working days of receipt of invoice. Non payment could result in cancellation of future bookings.
  3. The contact person/event organiser of an organisation will be held responsible for all Health & Safety and Child protection issues affecting their User Group and for the good conduct of all present. Each group is advised to make its own arrangements for warning its members of possible dangers of their activity; obtaining consent forms for children involved, and keeping record of members of their group present in case of evacuation. The contact person should familiarise him/herself with necessary details regarding Fire Alarm/Evacuation procedures and risk assessments associated with the premises including the need to ensure the main doors are unlocked for quick exit, the need to control access to upstairs rooms with direct supervision of these rooms if children are involved. Also that they need to have a working mobile to contact 999.
  4. The premises must be left in good order and if additional cleaning is required due to neglect by a User group, the charge for this will be passed on.
  5. Only rooms and equipment for which authorisation has been given may be used.
  6. Any equipment brought in by a Group will be at the User Group’s own risk.
  7. Time must be allowed within the let period for preparation and clearing up time with all areas cleaned, rubbish put in bins and all electrical equipment must be unplugged.
  8. Any cancellation of a let must be made in writing to the Secretary of ELKCAL at least 2 weeks prior to the let.
  9.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to cancel a let for whatever reason without entering into correspondence. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.
  10. The Board of Directors is not responsible for any equipment or valuables left in any part of the premises. User Groups are advised to make their own arrangements for security.
  11. The Board of Directors advises all applicants to take out public liability insurance cover for their organisation during the period of the let. For certain activities, clubs may wish to consider taking personal accident cover.
  12. The Board of Directors accepts no liability for the safety of persons on the premises arising from the User Group’s activity. The Elphin, Ledmore & Knockan Community Association Ltd should be given a full written report of any accident that occurs.
  13. Any complaints arising from a let should be made in writing to the The Elphin, Ledmore & Knockan Community Association Ltd.

Donations for Lettings

Please note the cost of lettings are subject to review at any time by the Board of Directors. 

Lettings of one to two hours – charged at £7 an hour.

Lettings of between three to four hours – £20.00

Lettings between four and eight hours – £40.00

Provided there is an ELKCAL member who has been authorized by the Board of Directors to take overall responsibility (act as event coordinator) then informal, non-profit making activities can take place with Voluntary Donations towards the heating.